Wednesday, 23 July 2008

More trawler in strife!

You would have thought that the Crystal Sea had had more than enough of it's share of bad luck! But those poor crew-members of the Crystal Sea had yet more bad luck in store for them: this morning they managed to snag something in the propeller while towing on the flat (MS4) site and were left helpless floating on the sea. We were in the midst of trying to retrieve the moorings (after 3 weeks of data collection), when we heard their bad luck. So we've come to the rescue (rescue number 2!) & are now towing the somewhat limping Crystal Sea back to the Scilley Isles. And true to form, the common dolphins appeared in the wake of the trawler (do they smell out trouble? Or are the dolphins like the seabirds and prefer feeding off the fish from the trawlers nets than finding their own food? Andy Webb put it nicely by calling it 'fast food').
So here we are slowly towing the Crystal Sea and their two crew & the MRAG observer (Jim) to the safety of the Scilley Isles...
Keep checking the blog for the latest installment of the James Cook Celtic Sea adventure!

Darren (one of the cooks on the ship) pointing out the Crystal Sea being towed behind us

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